Montego Bay Sangster International Airport (MBJ) information

Montego Bay Sangster International Airport, also known as Donald Sangster International Airport, is located less than two miles east of the city centre. Although only a small airport, the facility is modern and in good condition, and has become known as a safer alternative to entering Jamaica at Kingston. The airport consists of a single terminal building and it serves roughly three-million passengers every year. Don't forget to check out our Caribbean Travel Guide.

Airport parking at Montego Bay

Both short and long-term parking areas are provided at Montego Bay Sangster Airport, but due to the limited number of spaces available, it is sometimes difficult to park at the airport.

Getting to and from Montego Bay

If you are driving to Sangster International Airport from Montego Bay, take the A1 highway east, from where the airport can easily be located by following the markers. The two-mile drive between the airport and the city is a quick and easy journey. Passengers seeking transportation from the airport to the city have the choice of taxis or shuttle buses, both of which can be caught from outside the terminal building. Passengers should only utilise official taxis or minibuses run by the Jamaican Union of Travellers Association (JUTA) to avoid being over charged. Even when using official transportation, it is important to confirm journey prices beforehand. Tariff lists are available on boards in the airport building to serve as a guide for appropriate prices.

Amenities at Montego Bay Sangster International Airport

Due to the airport's small size, amenities are relatively limited, but Sangster International nevertheless provides all the facilities and services necessary for passenger convenience. A single cafeteria restaurant offers drinks, snacks and meals, while a small selection of shops, including duty-free stores and newsagents, cater to retail needs.

Passengers should not rely on being able to conduct important business transactions at Sangster International; however, a very limited range of business facilities consisting of fax and internet services are featured at the airport. ATMs and an exchange counter are located in the terminal building, while the NCB bank offers a full range of services. Post boxes are located in the terminal building and medical facilities are available. Specially adapted toilets and ramps are provided throughout the airport, catering to disabled passengers.

An information desk is located inside the terminal building to assist passengers with airport or regional queries.